Monday, December 10, 2007

Second Week of Advent

The Second Week of Advent.

One more candle lit, one more light to brighten the wreath. More light to shine in the darkness of our existence.

Our parish hosts 4 families this week in our church building. Families seeking comfort through the Interfaith Hospitality Network have come to St. Anselm for hospitality this week. Many people have volunteered to cook a breakfast, or a dinner, or to stay overnight, or to help with evening activities for the families. All help to these families brings more light into their lives. Your loving assistance helps each family to grow in the spirit. We all seek to help these families grow in their dignity, to grow into an appreciation of the Lord's gifts in their lives.

Truth be told, for me, the presence of these families in our parish is a gift from the Lord. Their presence reminds me of the wonderful ways in which God has gifted us with the gifts of security, of the attitude of care for our less-fortunate neighbors, and with the gift of desiring to "do something" for people less-fortunate than we are at the present time. Yes, I consider these to be 'gifts' of the Spirit at this time of year. I beleive God calls us to remember these people, and all of the others who want in this world....and they are so many....and I believe God calls us to stretch in these special days to he aware of, and to welcome these messengers of God's presence in our lives today!

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