Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Come, and see!"

This weekend's Gospel story is the call of the first disciples. John's account has the interesting dialogue between Jesus and Andrew about where Jesus "stays." The truest answer is that Jesus has come to "abide" with us "always."

This week begins national "Vocations Awareness Week," and we're called by our bishops to pray for an increase of vocations to the priesthood, and religious life, and even to lay ecclesial ministries. In our own Diocese of Trenton, we've been blessed with a good number of young men responding to a call to ordained ministry. Some of these talented young men are from lands far away from America....and we're grateful for their willingness to respond to the call to serve the people of our diocese.

Let's pray that we can all be people who invite others to "come and see" the Lord by the lives we live.

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