Saturday, July 24, 2010

A great wedding!

On this past Friday night, we had a great and joyful celebration at Saint Anselm. We celebrated the wedding of our parish musician, Mike Zorner, and another of our musicians, Claire Bove. Both are longtime parishioners, and have been serving the parish community for many years. It was a great honor and joy to preside at the celebration. I was very happy to welcome back our former pastor, Fr. Bob Kaeding, and also my friend, Msgr. Sam Sirianni, to help preside at the wedding.

We were honored with the presence of almost 200 people for the wedding, most of whom were long-time parishioners, who have known Claire and Michael for many years, and who helped form them in the faith. Also, many pastoral musicians from many parts of the diocese were present in the congregation for Mass, and I heard some wonderful harmonies coming from the congregation throughout the Mass. We had a beautiful celebration of Mass, and a wonderful reception with champagne and desserts! Yes, there were even chocolate-covered strawberries! Yum!

So many people commented to me that they've never been to a Catholic wedding like this. I kept responding, "We just went by the book....this is how it should be all of the time!" I confess to using the prayers from the 1995 revision of the Marriage Rite (that never officially got translated into English), but people seemed pleased with the rites, the prayers, and especially the music.

Many blessings upon Claire and Michael. I look forward to many years of ministering with them!

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