Friday, January 18, 2008

An Unexpected Turn

This past Tuesday, yours truly wasn't feeling well all day, and surprisingly, was unable to eat anything all day. Those of you who know me, know how TRULY AMAZING THAT IS! After a full day of feeling "strange," I drove over to the local ER, and asked them to check me out, thinking that I might have a "stomach flu" or something.

WELL, the dedicated docs soon came back and informed me that I had appendicitis, and that they were scheduling me for an immediate appendectomy. Early on Wednesday morning, I was in surgery, and they ousted the ailing appendix.

Thanks to some wonderful "aftercare" I am now back home and taking it very easy, and shuffling around drinking lots of water, and eating very healthy, and catching up on long-overdue theological reading.

This whole experience has given me some very real, and very new insights into the plight of the sick and hospitalized, and our pastoral care of them!

I'll save the specifics for a later post. Just look for some upcoming thoughts on "Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist in Hospitals: How NOT to come into a patient's room!" I'll bet this article is never going to be posted in any of the offically approved magazines or publications, but that they'll all be pointing towards it in the coming years.

Thanks for all of the well-wishes.....I'll be back in the saddle ASAP.

Fr. Gene

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