Thursday, January 31, 2008

Visiting the Sick

Today, I drove my dad out to Allentown, PA to visit two of his sisters. One, my aunt Kitty, is my dad's "kid sister" 75. My Dad is now 81. But after docking at Aunt Kitty's home, we drove over to see "Aunt Peg....age 93" and in a very nice Nursing Home. Peg was thrilled to see her "favorite nephew and brother". I think she says that because I'm the only priest-nephew she has!

Anyway, Peg was awake, aware, and pretty sharp. She was pretty happy to have a room with a TV....she was very interested in the Presidential primaries and she was ready for Super Tuesday, and told us: I like"the young guy....Barack Obama. I think he's cute."

Truth be told, I laughed out loud and said to my Republican Dad and Aunt Kitty...."Well there you have it! The Wisdom of the Ages has Spoken!" Let's see if Aunt Peg has 'pegged' the new winner of the White House!

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