Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Great Liturgy Committee Meeting tonight

Tonight we had a great Liturgy Committee meeting. We decided how to handle several issues, and I informed the Committee of our plan to implement our Diocesan plan for the implementation of the Roman Missal. I shared the many resources for the implemenation of the new Roman Missal, especially some very good webistes and bulletin inserts to use in our catechizing for this implementation. I'm very happy to be working with this very talented group of Liturgy Committee members, who are so very talented and resourceful, and loyal to the teachings of the Church. We all seek to put into place a loyal, faithful, and a pastoral celebration of the Church's liturgy.

Our Parish Liturgy Committee has already received some very awful, and almost violent comments from some of our parishioners.....saying things like: "I'm not going to accept any of these changes..." Well, I encouraged the Liturgy Committee to pass on any negative comments to me, and I'll be glad to handle them.

I truly believe that this time is a chance to educate our Catholic Faithful about the real, deep, and true meanings of our Liturgy, and its meanings. We didn't do this after Vatican II, and now, with this new translation, we have a golden opportunity.

Yet, we will have to face our members who will stupidly ask: "Why do we have to change?"

It's up to us to lead the rest to more deeply understant the beauty of the Liturgy and how it shapes, forms, informs, and leads us into the Christ-Life.

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