Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blessed Sacrament Choir tonight!

Tonight we hosted the choir from Blessed Sacrament/St. Charles Borromeo parish in Newark, NJ at our 5:30 PM Liturgy. They all sang beautifully, and we really rocked the church.

Afterward, our Parish Life Committee hosted a covered-dish supper for the choir. More than 200 people showed up, to fill our Learning Center. It was very, very tight.

I'm overall very pleased with our Parish Life Committee, and how they hosted our guests. However, in assisting the committee members who were doing all of the work, I heard of several stories of parishioners who were downright rude, too demanding, who were disrespectful of our guests, and now I'm writing this with knots in my stomach considering whether we should ever do this event again, if it's going to cause such divisions and dissension.

Our Parish Life committee hosted a great event, and donated hundreds of hours trying to provide a great event. Yet the complaints that I heard from parishioners who give absolutely nothing to our parish who were demanding service at this event.....It was really disheartening. I have to tell you....I'm thinking of cancelling this event for next year.

While I really love having the choir from Blessed Sacrament parish here to sing our Liturgy in Gospel style, I am very, VERY, disappointed with the nasty parishioners that abused our Parish Life Committee this evening. Once again, I'm very dissapointed....let the word go forth!

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