Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting ready for Irish Night.....

So we're getting ready to host our annual Irish Night Celebration this coming Saturday, March 1.

Yes, officially, it's early, but it doesn't mean that we can't celebrate the Luck of the Iriish, and their contributions to Catholic Life in the USA.

Anyone who has studied anything about the Catholic Church in the USA knows the important role that the Irish have taken in the leadership of Catholic communities throughout the United States of America.

At St. Anselm, we celebrate Irish Night, but welcome ALL parishioners and FRIENDS.

We're called to welcome all peoples. Perhaps in a utopian situation, we might be called upon to welcome parishioners who might come from Iraq, Afghanisten, North Korea, Kenya, Guatemala, or other wonderful lands....

Actually, we are currently welcoming new parishioners from all sorts of new communities.

Maybe, like St. Patrick, we're being called to explore new, and more expansive ways of being church in our area today!!!!

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