Saturday, February 16, 2008

Transfiguration, the Lord's and ours!

This weekend, we hear the Gospel story of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

The story, which we get in some form on this Sunday each year, is a familiar one. Even though it's very familiar, it might be worthwhile to look again at some of the details of the story, and "put ourselves into the story" in our imagination and prayer.

We might meditate on the details of how Jesus was transfigured, how his divine glory was revealed to his closest disciples, how they were dumbstruck with misunderstanding and wonder, and how Jesus quickly "comes down" to his "normal" self to continue business as usual.

However, we might better meditate on the ways in which, knowing the end of the Gospel story, this little "glimpse into heaven" should change us!

What might it mean for me to really believe that God calls each of us to be transfigured? What parts of my life need to be changed? What do I need to change to become a better disciple of Jesus?

Pretty good questions for all of Lent.

This weekend, we have Fr. Francis speaking with us about our twinning relationship with his parish in Jamaica. Let's all pray that the Lord will grace us with creative insights as to how we can all benefit from this ongoing relationship.

"Lord, change our hearts,
mold them into what YOU want.
Change our lives,
and take them from the muck of
self-centeredness and selfishness,
into the light of
living for others.
We ask this
through Christ
our Risen Lord.

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