Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He Healed the Darkness of my mind.....

This Sunday, we hear John's account of Jesus meeting the Man born Blind. The story, as portrayed in John's Gospel is full of mutivalent meanings and teachings.

Lent is a time to look at our own "blind-spots" and try to correct them. For me, I'm realizing that I'm being stretched in too many ways, and by too many constituencies. I need to cut back and simplify....even in the midst of increasing demands.

There are so many people vying for my time and attention: the average parishioner, the people who are sick or lonely of the parish, friends from other parts of the Diocese, people working at the Diocesan level looking for input from pastors, my young friends at St. John Vianney High School, and teachers and administrators from Catholic Schools near and far, and even Bishops from across the country looking for help from experienced and qualified liturgical scholars. And, sadly, I place my family's needs Dad is having knee surgery soon, I have a niece graduating college in May, and I can't be there....there are three cousins graduating from High School this year, and I'm not sure I can even get away for an afternoon to celebrate!

I'll bet it was this way for Jesus too! So many people were approaching him with all sorts of different expectations and requests!

But in the midst of his busy-ness, this simple blind-man approaches Jesus....and both are changed, and so is salvation history!

This story illustrates so well how we humans can be really blind at times when we think that we see clearly. It also reminds us that Jesus, the Lord, can always bring light and sight to situations that we consider dark and forboding!

So many characters in this story thought that they saw clearly, but were really blind!

Lent is a time to take stock, to look honestly at our lives in the call to Fast, Pray and do Mercy, and then to evaluate how we're doing.

It's always a challenge. It's always a time to say, "Hey, I really need a retreat. I need to get back to the important stuff. I need to focus on the important things in my life." THAT'S WHAT LENT IS ALL ABOUT.

As we continue our Lenten Journey, let's pray that we'll all be a little better at the end of Lent, let's pray that we'll all be more like Jesus come Easter Sunday. That's the true goal of Lent and these days.

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