Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Good Friday.

Stations of the Cross....The Celebration of the Passion...Venerating the Cross....Simple Communion....Silence....

While we did all of these "traditional practices" here today, I'm aware of some other activities that happened today.

Our young people took part in "Service to the Suffering"....a diocesan program for youth groups that does community service to the poor during the Triduum. Some worked with shut-ins, some worked with others in need. All gave of their time, and talent, and muscle for others in need.

Some people kept the Paschal fast, only taking one meal today, and then donating to charities that help the hungry.

People were mindful of the plight of Christians in other lands who face persecution and suffering. We collected money for the support of the Christians in the Holy Land. We prayed for our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, who face the onus of oppression.

Some people visited the sick and the hospitalized. They hold a special place in our hearts and prayers in these days.

Some people gathered to plan a funeral or a memorial mass for a lost loved-one. The efforts of our bereavement ministry help lead their efforts.

People tried to be hospitable to the many visitors to our greet them with a smile and a word of welcome, and to help all feel "at home" here in these Triduum Days.

It may have seemed like a "quiet day", but there were many things going on today in our parish, and many, many people reaching out in wonderful, unseen ways.

And so we continue our Triduum journey....

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