Sunday, April 27, 2008

Final Reflections on B16's visit

A great song by Justin Adams.

Thinking about, and processing all of the "reactions" to the papal visit last week, I'm happy to report that I've been changed in my perception of Benedict. I think it's safe to say that thousands, maybe millions of people have a different image of Pope Benedict.

His words, his actions, and his gentle presence all show that this man is someone who truly KNOWS Jesus. Sure, he's never going to have the "Rock-Star" status of Pope John Paul II, but he's going to be his own person.

I believe that he's really grown in his role as Chief Pastor. His old "job" of being the "theological watchdog" is over. Now, he's called to love and pastor the entire Church....all over the world.

Today's Gospel reading has Jesus promising to send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit to those who love him. Perhaps that Holy Spirit is bringing new energy to our Church. Let's pray for that openess to the surprising ways of the Spirit.

Overall, Give me Jesus.

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