Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Papal Visit.....some thoughts

I'm really happy about how things went last week when Pope Benedict XVI came to America.

He surprised a lot of people by how he spoke, listened, sang, appeared, and most of all, how he seemed to listen to those most broken by the scandal of clergy sexual abuse. I was very impressed by how the meeting with the abuse-survivors was set up, and handled. It was very pastoral, and, I hope, very healing.

My personal hope is that Benedict got a few "days off" when he got home to Rome to relax and most importantly, to process all of the events and sights that he witnessed while in America. I also hope that we who seek to lead the Church in the U.S. take some time to process our thoughts and reflections on this wonderful and historical visit.

I've been hearing from lots of folks in the parish that they were very impressed by the coverage of the networks and the other T.V. stations of the Papal Visit, especially the coverage of the Mass in Yankee Stadium. People were very happy with CNN, FOX, and the local NY channels.

Surprisingly, I'm hearing very negative reactions to the coverage by EWTN. I guess people didn't like Fr. Neuhaus' commentary....they say he was very negative. I didn't watch EWTN for coverage of the Papal Visit. I relied on CNN. Perhaps I should apologize for Fr. Neuhas' comments on the papal visit....apparently, Pope Bendict's visit to the U.S. was a disappointment to Fr. Neuhaus. I don't know Fr. Neuhaus I can't say anything about what he may have been thinking when he made so many negative comments about the Pope's liturgical practices. However, I do know that lots of great cradle-Catholics were very happy with the Pope's liturgies, his homilies, and his official talks. Maybe Fr. Neuhaus needs to take some time off, and get in touch with real, everyday Catholics.

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