Monday, August 25, 2008

Tomorrow night, Baptism Reflection

Tomorrow night, our Baptismal Team will gather with about 10 families who have recently celebrated the baptism of their babies. It will be another chance to gather to share resources for young families, to share memories of the baptism day, and to reflect on the meaning of baptism for all of us.

These Reflection sessions are full of great stories of what people remember from the baptism day. Without fail, people remember the joy of gathering with friends and family, being welcomed, and then some of the ritual moments: the touching of the child, the washing with water, the smell of the Chrism.... all are ritual reminders of deeper realities!

We welcome other members of St. Anselm to join in this wonderful ministry of the Baptism team. If you can join us for a few Tuesday evenings during the year, we welcome the assistance! This is a wonderful ministry for quiet, behind the scenes grandmothers and grandfathers! Think about joining this fun team!

Fr. Gene

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