Sunday, September 14, 2008

Forever "Father Ted"

When I first stepped foot on the campus of the University of Notre Dame back in the fall of 1979 as a "candidate" for the Congregatio Sancte Cruce (CSC), I was, with my other first-year seminarians, introduced to the current President of the University of Notre Dame....Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC. I remember quite clearly Fr. Ted wanting to know all of our names, and telling us to call him "Ted", but not a single one of us, ever, dared to call him anything other than "Father Ted."

Today, some 20-something years on, and just having met with him two days ago, I still, and always will call him "Father Ted." Fr. Ted is now 91 years old...God bless him!

Here's a little video with a brief glimpse into the life of this extraordinary man, this priest, this gift from God, this loyal son of Notre Dame:

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