Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hail to the Victors.....NOTRE DAME....yo!

To say that I'm happy with the results of this past weekend's event is....well, um.... understatement!

Many of you know that I made my annual pilgrimage out to Notre Dame for the weekend. And what a weekend!

The above clip is only a small portion of the great events I experienced this weekend! (Apologies to all of my "friends" who've been berating Notre Dame for the past few years.....but I have two words for you....NOTRE DAME!)

I got to campus on Thursday, stayed at Moreau Seminary, where I was treated to typical Holy Cross hospitality, and then I had a great weekend of meeting with old friends, teachers, and mentors, and even meeting some new seminarians who were "fascinated" by this Diocesan priest who spoke of the most wonderful parish in New Jersey called St. Anselm!

Friday was a rainy day, but that didn't keep me from meeting with friends old and new. A trip to Holy Cross House had me meeting with my former Dean of Students at King's College, Fr. Al D'Alonzo. Fr. Al wanted to know all about what was going on at "the shore".....(the Jersey Shore, of course). He had recently visited his family in Lavalette, and wanted to know about the "deanery study" for the future of the parish configurations!

Then I popped in on Bro. Rich Kyle, CSC, who's also in residence at Holy Cross House. Br. Rich was the steward at Our Lady of Good Counsel parish in (Bed-Stuy) Brooklyn, when I was a very young seminarian in 1984. Then I went across the hall to visit another mentor, Fr. Ted Hesburgh, CSC. It was a wonderful visit, and I've got a warehouse full of stories to share!

And on top of all of that great stuff of visits to old and new friends....despite the torrential rains in the second half....the Notre Dame football team defied all of the odds, and BEAT Michigan 35-17. GOD IS SO GOOD!

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