Monday, March 23, 2009

Get Ready for "FLANAGAN'S WAKE"

Let's get the word out about the upcoming showing of "Flanagan's Wake."

The "Wake" will be here at St. Anselm on Friday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m. There will be a light dinner available starting at 6:00 p.m. The $30 ticket includes two drinks and snacks during and after the "Wake."

The "Wake" involves some singing, much laughter, and audience-interaction. Get ready for a very fun evening.

We can use help in advertising this event. If you can put up some flyers, or sell some tickets, you can get both from Kayde in the Parish Office.

We're hoping to sell 400 tickets, which will fill the church. Let's get ready to wake Flanagan, and have some fun and a few "pints"

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