Thursday, September 24, 2009

We need your help!

We all know that these economic times are getting tougher and tougher. Expenses are rising here at the parish, and weekly donations are shrinking.

So many of our church activities depend on your weekly donations.

If we don't increase our weekly donations, then we'll have to cut out treasured activities like: The Inter-Faith Hospitality Network (Family Promise),COR (Community Out-Reach), our Youth Ministries, our Religious Education Programs, and even our monthly fun activities sponsored by our Parish Life Committee.

It seems like a good time to ask every family of the parish, and there are almost 2,000 of us registered here at St. Anselm, to reconsider how we will each contribute our treasure to help support the ministries of the community of St. Anselm. I would like to ask each family to consider giving through the PARISHPAY electronic giving program that helps families to budget a regular weekely or monthly donation to the parish.

Perhaps you could think of this formula for your family's weekly donation: Think of how much it costs to take your family (or your lover) out for a dinner at a nice restaurant. We all like to go out for a nice dinner once in a while!

Can each family set aside the cost of a "dinner out" to donate to the parish?

That might be a great start to helping our parish stewardship get a kick-start!

Check out PARISHPAY! Sign up to make an automatic donation each month.

Also, consider including St. Anselm Parish in your WILL!

Many people make a "Final" gift to their parish through their Will.

If you value the activities that are happening at St. Anselm, then let's work together to keep them going and growing!


Fr. Gene

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