Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to the Seminary.....and some Notre Dame Football

Tomorrow, I'm off for the 6:30 a.m. flight to South Bend, Indiana. I have a luncheon date on campus with some old seminary friends, and then we'll be taking part in all of the "Football weekend" events of the coming days. While on the campus of Notre Dame, I'll be living at Moreau Seminary, across the lake from the main campus. The seminary is named for Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, and the Superior General who sent 6 missionary priests and brothers to Indiana, where they founded a "school" which would later become a "university" and then recently, the premier Catholic University in the Western Hemisphere.

If some of these images look familiar, that may be because you may have seen them in the movie, "RUDY." Above are two images of the Administration Building of the University, the center of most business of the University.

This is an image of Moreau Seminary, the main residence of seminarians for the Congregation of Holy Cross studying at Notre Dame. It was built to house almost 200 seminarians in the 1950's, but now houses less than 100 people.

Below is a very good photo of the magnificent chapel at Moreau Seminary. The wall behind the main altar is a wonderful work of art in stained glass. When viewed from inside the chapel, the main altar appears to be surrounded by 5 great blue archangels surrounding the altar, with incense, playing instruments to accompany the divine liturgy, singing the liturgy, and lifting the liturgy of the altar to the heavens. It's a tremendous piece of art designed by the late Fr. Anthony Lauck, CSC, who was a beloved resident in the seminary until his death. I had some wonderful discussions when I was a pup seminarian with "Fr. Tony" and he taught me many invaluable lessons in good art, architecture, and the arts for worship.

The picture above shows how we typically surround the altar for the Eucharistic Prayer...a powerful sign of how all of us, the Church, make Eucharist, and sing the Eucharist, and are called to live the Eucharist.

I look forward to being at Notre Dame for 11 days....I look forward even more, to coming back to Saint Anselm!

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