Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Parish Council Meeting

This past Monday evening, we had the October meeting of our Parish Council.

We discussed lots of topics: from Religious Education programs for the very busy families of our parish, to our two Youth Groups, to our need to upgrade our Learning Center with wireless Internet access so that we can host regional meetings for diocesan workshope (and make some $$$ from the organization who use our facilities.

We want to nurture the growth of our parish. We need to expand our efforts in educating all parish members about our identity as a Stewardship Parish. We want to stay financially solvent in these tough economic times, and our Finance Committee is looking after that. We want to continue to reach out to our Family Promise program, even though the economic times are tough. We discussed lots of things at the meeting.

Let's pray that we can continue the wonderful inclusive ministry that has marked our community for over 35 years!

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