Thursday, October 8, 2009

Film on Pope John XXIII

Tonight, we had a Movie Night, showing the CD of the life of Pope John XXIII, the "Pope of Peace." Great movie.

It was a long movie, beginning at 6:30, and ending at about 9:30. (Too late for me!)
But the movie was so good, nobody wanted to leave!

I've picked up a few images of the real Angelo Roncalli (John XXII) from the internet, and included them here.

While I was doing a Google search of Roncalli, I found a significant number of strange sites that claim that Roncalli was an "Anti-Pope." Totally weird to me!

Apparently, these sites are run by ultra-conservative individuals or groups opposing the papacy of Good Pope John and the calling of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, and the Council's reforms.

I can't understand why people of faith would oppose Pope John, and his initiatives, and his calls for dialogue, for openess, and especially, for his calls for peace, in the light of the the dawning of the nuclear age. When you think of his life-span, and the ways in which the Church changed from 1881 till 1963, and all the ways the world had changed in that time....I have a hard time with those folks who can't get with the "Signs of the Times."

Let's pray for each other, and ask "Good Pope John" to put in a good word for us too, as we all seek to make the Church's message more relavent and efficient in today's world.

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